Sunday, June 7, 2009

Maximizing sportiness in jackets

Once you have established possession of a navy blazer in your closet, allow yourself to branch out when selecting sportcoats.

A sportcoat is an important element of style because it not only gives your blazer and suit coats a rest, it's an opportunity to make a sartorial statement that reflects a different side of your personality.

I have been experimenting with patterns such as glen plaid and wide stripes and fabrics including tropical weight wool, linen and cotton. My choice of jacket depends on the occasion. Click on the following from Polo and Brooks Brothers

If you're serious enough to have shelled out significant dollars in developing your wardrobe for the office, consider other environments outside of work: off-site conferences at hotels, golf and tennis clubs, fine restaurants, concerts.

The average guy figures that if he's not wearing a tie to these places, he's not likely to take the time to coordinate an outfit that includes a sport jacket. However, those who understand the power of clothes send a message of authority without trying to act important.

Try putting this concept to the test. The next time you plan on wearing a windbreaker when going out, put on a sport jacket instead. Notice the difference in how others react to you.