Sunday, July 4, 2010

Men's jewelry accentuates personal style

Since I began this blog in 2008, my focus has been on menswear and basic accessories such as belts and cuff links. As a man builds his wardrobe and has command of his sartorial choices for various occasions, he also develops his personal sense of flair.

To wit: Do you prefer wearing a necktie, bow tie or no tie? Are cuff links part of your repertoire? Braces or belt?

Just as your selection of accessories depends on the occasion at hand, your selection of jewelry cannot be understated. A well-chosen ring and watch can generate significant Style Points for the wearer.

Yesterday, I walked into a Tiffany & Co. boutique in Houston and took a look at men's rings. I previously had purchased a sterling silver Tiffany Moderne ring and was wearing it as I was browsing at men's rings in the glass case. A woman standing next to me noticed that I was wearing the same ring she was considering for her man, and decided to get it. I was thrilled inside.

I don't have many hard-and-fast rules for wearing rings, other than to wear only one ring per hand. Wearing more than one ring on the same hand reduces the effect and the presentation becomes tacky. (Only Iron Man's arch foe, the Mandarin, can pull it off.) Also, you'll want a quality piece (sterling silver, 14- or 18-karat gold, or platinum depending on what you can afford) to represent your sense of style.

The ring I like most is the signet ring, which is worn on either the ring finger or pinky. It exudes manliness, plain and simple.

If you want more bling, then the watch is just the thing. Again, choose what you can afford, but understand that if your intent is to make a favorable first impression on a job interview or at a party, a good watch is a worthwhile investment. There are a number of quality watchmakers out there, but if you want to go a few notches above Timex, Casio and Seiko on the bling meter, consider Movado, which offers an iconic design at various price points. If you're moving up in the world, shoot for the likes of Cartier and Patek Phillipe. And if you get one of the latter, relish it big time.