Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Style is more than a look; it's an attitude

If seeing is believing, I'll be sure to ask, "Where do I sign up?" almost every time.

Last summer, on my first visit to A. Taghi, the clothing store on Westheimer across the street from the Galleria Mall in Houston, I met Craig Sager, the TNT reporter known for wearing outfits that stand out in a crowd full of basketball patrons at an NBA arena (or HD screen) near you.

At the time, Mr. Sager was dressed casually, just a regular guy shopping for clothes. I went about my business, browsing the store's suits, ties, leather jackets and shoes. Being an NBA fan myself (see my previous blog entry), I have seen Mr. Sager on television. There are times where I think he pulls off an interesting sartorial presentation; other times ... let's just say, "It looks best on him." That, however, is beside the point.

After that brief exchange of pleasantries with Mr. Sager, I was impressed with his confidence and sincerety. He didn't know me from Adam, yet he shook my hand unconditionally. I figure that kind of confidence carries over into his approach to clothes: Whatever he chooses to wear, he owns the look, regardless of what others like Charles Barkley or Kevin Garnett may think. And if Mr. Sager can do that on TV, more power to him.

Fast forward to a Feb. 15 story in the Houston Chronicle featuring Mr. Sager making one of his regular visits to A. Taghi, this time with the NBA All-Star Weekend fast approaching. And yes, Mr. Sager took an inevitable dose of ribbing in New Orleans, but his head stayed high.

Well, I believe I can emulate the attitude, given my relatively conservative taste in clothing. And it works. A standard blue suit might as well be a tuxedo, with an erect posture and a purposeful stride. Watching a few James Bond flicks can do the trick.

Also, knowing your environment is important. A suit, for example, works well in the boardroom but less so amongst artists, where casual wear reflects a more relaxed mood. Common sense dictates clothing selection at all times.

So if you don't believe in Mr. Sager's style, take heed of the substance: Whatever your look is,
own it.

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