Thursday, March 13, 2008

Broadening your style horizons

When I started this blog about four weeks ago, the goal was to inform any man who was curious about improving his appearance that he didn't have to spend a whole lot to do it, nor should he buy clothes that do not fit, even if they're on sale.

The art of bargain hunting, however, is only part of the style mosaic. There are other subjects, too, such as accessories, fitness, grooming, social situations (from navigating acquaintances to the workplace to dating), and not least, aging gracefully in the journey of life.

To those ends, I am pleased to have come across others who work at improving not just their appearance but themselves as people. David of is committed to that, on a variety of levels. Cross-reference with David Zinczenko of Men's Health, along with traditional mainstays GQ and Esquire, and your SAT (social aptitude test) score should rise in ways the Princeton Review and Stanley Kaplan would envy.

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