Monday, May 5, 2008

Gone fishin' with seersucker

In pro basketball circles, among the highest praise that can be said about players like Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan, is that they never took a day off, that they competed in practice at as high a level as they did in games.

That is my philosophy when it comes to casual wear. I may have the day off, but I still want to look my best when I'm shopping. I do this for two reasons: 1) My confidence gets a sizable shot in the arm; 2) The salespeople know that I mean business, tie or no tie.

That said, I walk into Brooks Brothers and take a look at their summer wear. I've always liked Brooks' seersucker suits and shirts. This cotton material is just plain comfortable and leisurely.

There's a bit of Southern charm to seersucker as well. Kind of reminds me of how Huckleberry Finn might have looked as a grownup, trousers rolled up to his knees as he's sittin' on a dock casting a line with his toes immersed in the Mississippi.

Ol' Huck would need a hat to keep the sun and skeeters away. Fur felt or wool would be too hot. A baseball cap would work, but the visor offers limited shade.

What about straw? Hmm. The safe bet is a fedora, which projects coolness with authority. However, if you're taken to the water, consider the Lochsa River straw hat from Orvis. It has a wider brim and a more casual feel, which is in lock-step with seersucker.

Somthing to consider while enjoying your day off.

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