Thursday, November 27, 2008

If the suit fits, don't 'waist' it

Thanksgiving is a time for reflection on what we have and what we value in our lives.

When it comes to clothes, those who eat well can expect extra calories to burn off in the gym, or else ...

Expanding waistlines can prompt a review of what's in your closet.

If you plan on purchasing a suit, one consideration is to allow the pants to fit somewhat loose, so that when you eat a large meal, you won't have to unfasten the top button on the trousers. Have suspender buttons sewn to the inside of the waistband so that you'll feel less restricted than you might be in wearing a belt. You also gain an option for accessorizing.

I checked my closet this morning, before eating a delicious Thanksgiving meal. There was already a suit in which the trousers fit too tightly now. My solid gray tropical wool Canali is close to retirement, unless I can shed about 10 pounds off the waist.

You better believe I'll be in aerobics class the next day. I like my suits.

Ah, well ... that's my Style Point for the holiday. Bon appetit.

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