Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bow tie old hat for Bowen, bold move for TV

ESPN analyst and former San Antonio Spurs star Bruce Bowen is one of a few television personalities who wear a bow tie. This is a relatively bold choice in a field where long neckties are the norm for men.

Other notable sightings of bow-tie clad sports figures of late include TNT analyst and former Houston Rocket Kenny Smith and current Rocket Aaron Brooks; and NFL linebacker Dhani Jones sports the look here.

By wearing bow ties, these gentleman have at least took the time to bring some level of "cool" to an accessory that generally is accepted with tuxedoes, but not always in the business world. (Conversely, wearing neckties with formal wear doesn't quite measure up to the majesty of a bow tie.)

In Mr. Bowen's case, he is a consistent contributor to ESPN as an NBA analyst and you'll be seeing more of him as the playoffs progress. If he continues in the bow tie direction, I'd suggest that he either draw the knot tighter (it appears too big on screen and the bow looks less defined) or select a tie that has a narrower width, a la James Bond.

In any event, Mr. Bowen is on the right track. The color of his ties work in concert with his jacket. (When Mr. Brooks wears the red blazer and matching tie, it's clear he is representing the Rockets. All other non-Rockets should not try this at home.) Ironically, Mr. Bowen has acheived a conservative look with a tie that's outside the norm when it's on television.

That said, Mr. Bowen stands out. Whether others follow isn't the point; Mr. Bowen owns his path. Keep it goin', dude.

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