Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bow tie earns big Style Points for Shaq

Shaquille O'Neal exuded style on Saturday night after the Cleveland Cavaliers' Game 1 victory over the Boston Celtics in the second round of the NBA playoffs.

Mr. O'Neal reprised his stylish look from the previous round's postgame interviews and came correct: A solid silver, floral print bow tie (it's put on correctly this time), with a crisp white shirt and a gray pinstripe suit.

That's how it's done. A textbook presentation.

Of course, Mr. O'Neal's attire drew an inevitable ribbing from TNT analyst Charles Barkley, who asked The Big Bow-dacious, "Did you give up pork?"

Mr. Barkley was alluding to the Fruit of Islam led by Minister Louis Farrakhan, who are recognized for wearing bow ties. It's a joke that would fall flat if Messrs. Barkley and O'Neal did not know each other well, but the question drew laughs from TNT colleagues Chris Webber, Kenny Smith and host Ernie Johnson.

Shaq responded with aplomb, and the postgame interview ended a few moments later.

Let's review ... if you're going to wear a bow tie outside of formal occasions, it's important to "own" the look. People might test you or poke fun, but that should only reinforce your conviction in wearing it in the first place. There is a uniqueness about a man who wears a bow tie. If you know how to tie one from scratch, that's a skill that other men may shy away from learning, giving you a sartorial advantage.

I'm still curious to see whether Mr. O'Neal tied that knot by himself ... at any rate, he gets big Style Points.


Palmer Emmitt said...

that bow tie rocked! any idea who makes it and where I can buy it?

StylePointer said...

I'm not certain who makes Shaq's bow tie, but I do know of one designer that comes close. Try the Thomas Pink website, I purchased a solid white with paisley print a little while back.