Friday, April 18, 2008

Substance Meets Style: Choosing a Cologne

Just as a power suit can quickly reflect a man's projection of confidence; the right cologne can amplify his masculinity.

Cologne can be regarded as a power tool. Too much of it can be a turn-off for anyone whose olfactory senses become overwhelmed. Too little defeats the purpose of having purchased the cologne in the first place. (In other words, one can just stick to Ivory soap. Can't go wrong there.)
For optimal results, go to any department store and talk to the personnel who will gladly assist you. Sample different fragrances on strips of paper before spraying on yourself. Otherwise, you will become an amalgam of scents that could confuse your decision on one of them.

Do not hesitate to ask a woman's opinion -- independent of the salesperson's -- about a cologne you are considering. This will narrow down the choices quickly.

Currently, my top five fragrances are:

  • Dunhill Pursuit
  • Eau de Cartier
  • Kiton Black
  • Paul Smith Extreme

  • Versace

    And then, after trying numerous fragrances before tying the knot and having kids, here's a safe bet: It's that all-time classic -- Old Spice. It never gets old. Your spouse, your daughters will not complain about your maturing scent as you age gracefully.

    But until then, young men, the above cart comes before the horse. Find the scent that works for you. Hopefully, the rest will follow.
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