Wednesday, April 2, 2008

White on the money

Tom Wolfe may be as well known for wearing white as the best-sellers he has written.

The esteemed author certainly wears it well; so can you and I. After a recent sweep of Houston area retailers, I have assembled a "recipe" for achieving the cool, breezy aesthetic that comes with wearing white, without compromising my wallet (rounded to nearest dollar, not including sales tax):

The White Stuff

Shirt: Polo Ralph Lauren, orig. $89.50 -- discounted price: $35 (Macy's)

Trousers: Polo Ralph Lauren Classics cargo pants, orig. $125 -- discounted price: $44 (Macy's)

Socks: Polo Ralph Lauren, reg. $12 -- $5 (Polo outlet at Katy Mills Mall)

Shoes: Puma, $50 (Puma store at Houston Premium Outlets)

For less than $150, I'm lounging at the beach or a waterfront restaurant. In these threads, I'd be happy to splurge on the meal.

The obvious caveat when it comes to wearing white: Try not to get dirty, and never let 'em see you sweat.

That means no one can step on your shoes, nor can you stub your toes. Do not lean against your car. Avoid ordering pasta. Not least, hope for no rainfall for the duration of wearing your outfit.

You gain mega-Style Points for stepping out in brand new whites, but you are subject to losing points should they become soiled in the slightest way. Even if others may not see stains, you will know where they are, and that self-conscious realization can challenge your cool exterior.

Of course, there's always the washer/dryer and the dry cleaners, so don't sweat it too much. Clothes are meant to be worn. So wear 'em well.

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