Friday, September 12, 2008

Peruse closets as eye of Ike nears

As the Houston area braces for Hurricane Ike, which reportedly is 600 miles across and has Category 2 (up to 110mph winds) strength, preparations for those who remain in the area hopefully have been made: Supplies of water, batteries and other provisions are in place for the next several days.

Another issue to consider for those who are staying home is what might happen after the hurricane passes, which could leave others in need of assistance. Shelters may be in need of basic essentials including dry clothing.

When Hurricane Katrina devasted New Orleans and surrounding areas in 2005, I assembled a few dozen college sweatshirts I collected over the years in an effort to help those who were affected. I was living in the Northeast at the time, and was fortunate that I was well out of harm's way.

Currently, I live in the Houston area and am preparing to endure Ike, uncertain about whether my home will withstand a hurricane. But while I'm waiting inside, I'm sifting out spare clothing for donation to local agencies should the need arise.

Meantime, I pray that we all emerge safely from this event.

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