Monday, September 1, 2008

Presidential style makes an impression

In Friday's blog entry, "The power of the presidential look," I touched on a few of the sartorial options Barack Obama and John McCain have displayed over the course of their campaigns.

As Labor Day weekend concludes and we head into this week's Republican National Convention in Minnesota's Twin Cities, the style watch continues on Be Better Guys, where I examine the basics of power suits, ties, shirts and shoes. It all adds up to achieving a commanding appearance.

There are plenty of online sources for following what the candidates (and their running mates) are wearing these days. For starters, check out the video clips on the CNN and Yahoo! sites, and Be Better Guys' Brian Joyner for his take on his blog. Also, for a call-it-as-he-sees-it view of this week's convention, check out KTRK-TV reporter Tom Abraham's blog, which chronicles the notable happenings of the day.

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