Monday, February 9, 2009

Reel deals at Orvis warehouse sale

One year after my first blog entry on Style Points, the Orvis warehouse sale is back in town at Reliant Park, where plenty of fishing gear, luggage, clothing, dog pillows, you name it ... go on sale at deep discounts.

At last year's 3-day sale in Houston, I passed on a Barbour jacket the first day but returned on the final day and picked up a computer bag, a comforter and some bartending tools that I rarely use.

I have since been hired to work part time at the Orvis retail store in Houston a couple of months ago, so I'm a little biased about the quality of Orvis apparel these days. (No, I did not get an additional employee discount at the warehouse sale.) That said, you'll still find solid deals on quality merchandise.

This time, I got stuff I could really use: Merrell leather loafers ($100 retail), a linen safari jacket ($169, perfect for Houston weather), an organic cotton T shirt ($49), all at 60 percent off the retail prices, plus Barbour Classic Sylkoil Overtrousers (approximately $100 retail) for just $29. About $420 worth of goods for $160.

Click here for the next Orvis warehouse sale, which is held in major cities across the U.S.

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Willow said...

Quiet informative post!! I would also prefer to browse Orvis for my favorite hunting apparel.