Saturday, March 7, 2009

In recession, 'business casual' a serious look

The economic downturn has generated a bit of musical chairs over what to wear these days.

Job seekers dress to the nines to make the best first impression possible, as they should when in interview mode. Suit yourself, as it were.

When you get hired, however, what should your wardrobe mix look like?

Well, it's usually best to "do as the Romans do," navigate your work environment and dress accordingly. Dressing comfortably is the goal. If you go into work wearing a tie, you might be able to loosen it over the course of the day and still look presentable, or just remove it altogether.

If there's an upper limit, it would be no shorts, and khakis are a more flexible option than denim.

Dressing like the common man ain't so bad, but that should not be synonymous with unkempt. Dress codes may have relaxed over the last several years, but they're not flabby. There's still a standard of looking crisp, even in casual wear.

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