Friday, April 24, 2009

Buckshot brogue hits the mark

The pursuit of the perfect look is not unlike what musicians do in playing the perfect composition -- an elusive and sometimes frustrating endeavor, and gratifying only for a moment when the goal is achieved.

That's how I feel when shopping for clothes. How much am I willing to pay? How well do they fit? Do the colors coordinate?

On a recent day trip to London, I sought the Adler Buckshot Brogue from Gieves & Hawkes at No. 1 Savile Row, which I had my eye on for the past year. (Click here for the image.) The message of the shoe was quite clear: This is what shooting yourself in the foot might look like.

The concept for the shoe came from a former employee, Joseph David, and the shoe was released in August 2006, according to John Blanco, Gieves & Hawkes' general manager. Mr. Blanco, an impeccably dressed 34-year veteran of the company, the last 15 as GM, was the one who had me try on the pair that I would purchase.

At 245 British pounds (about $400 give or take the exchange rate), it's a sound investment.

This shoe is equal parts comfortable and versatile. You can wear them with denim, khakis or, if you have sufficient confidence, suits.

I don't sing very well, but the praise is evident. The buckshot brogue is definitely a significant piece in the pursuit of the perfect look.

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Better Guy X said...

Those shoes are hot! Very stylish and eclectic choice of footwear, my man.