Saturday, April 25, 2009

Paraboot is the shoe du jour

If you're looking for a shoe with a rubber sole that wears like iron, I'd normally advise that you consider shoes from the UK. Doc Martens, Crockett & Jones and Tricker's, are a few of the highly durable options from England.

However, for those who find English lasts too wide for their feet, try Paraboot of France. This shoemaker combines classic English designs with a tough rubber sole. Some models, like the Azay, have side stitching for additional flair.

Like their English counterparts, Paraboots are priced at a pretty penny (about $350 and up) but are worth every last one if you value comfort. I bought a pair on a recent trip to Paris and put them to the test for a week walking the city's streets and visiting museums. These are indeed the most comfortable pair I've ever worn.

Where can you find Paraboot in the U.S.? There are at least two establishments in the Boston area that I know of off the bat. Drinkwater's Cambridge and Mr. Sid of Newton Centre, Mass., definitely have them. I'm sure there are other U.S. retailers who carry Paraboot, so do a Google search or go to, where its online community supplies a wealth of answers.

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