Sunday, January 31, 2010

Best in U.S.-made: Bills Khakis

Straight up: I can't get enough of Bills Khakis.

And no, I don't get paid to say this: These are clearly the most comfortable trousers on the market. They're based on the old World War II designs that allow for generous leg room and maximum breathability. Click here for the quick history of Bills Khakis (est. 1990).

What I like about them is not just the wide leg, but the deep pockets and durable fabrics. Bills Khakis are cut from the toughest of cotton and the finest of wool. There are three types of fit: Model 1 (widest leg), Model 2 (less wide, which many specialty menswear stores carry), and Model 3 (slim cut).

Not least, wherever possible, I try to support businesses whose goods are "made in U.S.A." Bills Khakis are not cheap, but a quality investment that lasts.

Where to find Bill's Khakis? Just go to the upper-left corner of their Web site, which has a store locater. I've been successful in finding them at esteemed establishments On The Fly of San Francisco, Culwell & Son of Dallas, The Village Clothier of Houston, and O'Connell's of Buffalo, to name a few.

Bills Khakis are found only at selected menswear stores. If you see them, try 'em ... you'll see what I mean.

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