Thursday, January 21, 2010

When only the vest will do

Work environments have become increasingly casual over the years. Comfort is the primary criterion over dressing "to the nines" for the office. But these two goals need not be mutually exclusive. It's a matter of maximizing certain pieces of your presentation.

During America's colonial era, for example, breeches and wigs were the norm for lawyers and politicians. The suit has since become the standard for professional dress for many sectors of the workplace. Toward the end of the 20th century, improvements in technology have prompted a shift toward less formal clothing. Shirts and ties have given way to polo shirts and designer tees.

Whether you choose to go formal or informal, the vest is an excellent complement to either style. A vest can be worn indoors and outdoors, whereas a jacket is usually removed while working in an offices. The vest also offers a retro look.

Not least, the vest usually is not expensive. I've found vests in consignment stores, Urban Outfitters, and Orvis. There are vests that I wear with suit pants or slacks and such, but I prefer cotton over wool.

Right now, the vests I wear have a more Western feel. The Houston Rodeo is coming up in the next month or two, so I'm gearing up for it.

Call it a "vested" interest.

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