Monday, June 9, 2008

Beating the heat with sensible fabrics ... and timing

If "going green" is the "in" thing with regard energy efficiency and environmental conscientiousness, then wearing the right natural fabrics for the summer months should be a complementary step in that direction.

To that end, cotton and linen should lead the charge in temperatures that challenge the 100 degree Fahrenheit mark these days. Sunscreen is a must before you step outside. Also, you might wish to take a jacket or cardigan sweater with you as you enter the air-conditioned workplace, which sometimes can feel like the inside of a refrigerator after escaping the outdoors.

The safe bet in making sure you don't sweat through your clothes before starting work is to change into them at the workplace. Wearing shorts and a presentable T shirt en route to the office would be acceptable, but it is better to take a discreet route to the rest room or locker room once you get inside the building.

In casual work environments, wearing a polo or banded-collar shirt can take out the need for a tie. Khakis should be the primary option over denim, in case you may need to take clients out to lunch at a four-star restaurant that may have a dress code that frowns on denim. And rubber-soled shoes offer comfort without sacrificing appropriateness. Sneakers are much more comfortable to wear to work, but change into shoes once you get to your desk.

Much of beating the heat is common sense (drink plenty of liquids, stay in the shade, etc.) and clothing is no different. If you want to remain cool in your vines, have a spare change of clothes just in case.

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