Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer chic in action

"The roof ... the roof ... the roof is on fire!"
--Rockmaster Scott & the Dynamic Three

The classic '80s anthem heard in many a nightclub to this day quickly symbolizes how hot (and funky) a crowded dance floor can get.

So having a social function while the sun's still out in H-town (the 'H' is for hot, by the way) requires some shrewdly simple sartorial selections for maximum comfort and, of course, style points.

How does one achieve coolness? Well, start with cotton or linen, short sleeves and some common sense. If you anticipate being socializing outdoors for an extended period of time, bring a golf towel. It will absorb sweat better than a handkerchief, which you might save for the moment someone might cry on your shoulder. (Don't hold your breath, though.)

Any professional man can look cool. In casual attire, a professional conveys confidence and an easygoing demeanor to which others are naturally drawn.

Two such working professionals in Houston, Mike McGuff and Michael Garfield, understand economy in their clothing choices. McGuff, whose blog has earned a loyal international following, and Garfield, a.k.a. The High-Tech Texan whose marketing skills are the stuff a success story is made of, are unassuming in their appearance.

McGuff prefers a Polo golf shirt, Levi's and Rockports, while Garfield wears Tommy Bahama from shirt to trousers to shoes. Neither allows you to see him sweat.

That's the litmus test for cool.

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